“Our goal at Daley Design + Build is to set the customer up for success from day one, by making their best interest our #1 priority!”

  • We do not believe that It’s in your best interest for us to build you the cheapest house we can possibly build, it will be… cheap. We believe it’s in your best interest for us to build you a home that is built beyond basic Building Code requirements in what is called a “best practices” approach. This is a house that will proactively address typical water issues (the #1 enemy of homes), be more durable than other homes, save money on your utility bills, and result in lower maintenance over the life of your home.

We have crafted a process which puts the customer’s best long-term interest as the driver for how the whole process is laid out. We want the customer to know exactly what they are going to buy, and what it will cost, before they are asked to sign any kind of construction contract with Daley Design + Build.

We have split the standard “Design / Build” process into three clear phases:

During the Design Phase we will develop custom floor plans and explore all facets of the exterior and interior design, along with finalizing selections and specifications. By doing this we ensure that all Design elements have been thoroughly analyzed, detailed and specified for accurate bidding. Design Phase results in a “Design Package” containing: Architectural Plans & Specifications (with Product Photos), Site Engineering Plans, Landscape Plans, and optional 3D Renderings.

During the first half of the Deal Phase we will competitively bid out the design for all major construction elements (including foundation, framing, cabinets, windows and doors, etc.), and develop an actual construction budget (not a construction estimate). This will be an open book process where the customer is welcome (and encouraged) to review the bids with us to discuss lowest bid vs. best subcontractor for the job. We are all about saving our customers money, but you typically get what you pay for, and bottom dollar subs don’t typically produce top quality work.

During the second half of the Deal Phase the customer, builder (and realtors if applicable) can have an open and honest discussion about the projected build cost and total project budget, and negotiate a fair construction arrangement considering the hundreds of hours that go into managing a build.

Our goal is to make the Construction Phase as fun and stress-free for the customer as possible. At this point in the project you should be focusing on enjoying watching your new home come to life. One step at a time all of the pieces come together like clockwork until your new home is ready for your move in. We’re happy to have weekly on-site meetings with each customer to answer any questions that come up during the construction process. The quality of your new home and the service you receive are key to our excellent reputation. We’re here to advise you as we build your dream home.